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I am a full-time missionary evangelist to Australia, Africa, USA and to the ends of the earth! I don't receive a salary as a missionary but Jesus provides through people like you, and I am incredibly thankful for every financial gift received. 

It is a great joy for me to build relationship with those who are excited to reach the nations with the Gospel through my "yes" to Jesus! If you would like to be part of my monthly support team, please submit a contact form on the 'contact' tab to let me know.  


Thank you for sowing a seed! I know you will reap a harvest!

Luke 6:38 

Map of Australia

Australian Donors

Australians can give via my Australian bank account: 

BSB: 802985

Account Number: 910897384

Flag bunting of United Kingdom UK

UK Donors

Those from the UK can give via my stewardship account in which I receive 25% extra from UK taxpayers.

Map of the world, the entire globe

Other Donors

If you are giving from another nation please contact me for more options. Alternatively you can give through my PayPal account. Please select 'give to family/friends'

Current Missionary Endevours

Send Claire Louise to Bethel 

In August 2023 I moved to California, USA to start a full-time Christian ministry training course at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. I am still believing for £5,000 to cover living costs. 

Please click the button below to see more information and my progress!



If you would like to be kept up to date, please subscribe to my newsletter on 'My Journey' tab.

Photo of Claire Louise Smart in front of Bethel Church in Redding, California, USA before she goes to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Christian vocational ministry training - BSSM
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